BioProtein Plus - Immune Booster

The Premier Thymus Supplement Used By Thousands Around the World

How BioProtein Plus Works

The Thymus Gland

BioProtein Plus is a powerful thymus supplement. The thymus gland plays a key role in the immune system by releasing proteins that program white blood cells to resist invading pathogens.

Purified Thymus Protiens

Thymus proteins exist naturally in the body and play an essential role in the immune system by programming special disease-fighting cells called T-lymphocytes.

Premier Thymus Supplement

By harnessing the immune boosting power of thymus proteins, BioProtein Plus has quickly become the premier immune system supplement on the market.

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Customer Testimonials

"I prefer BioProtein Plus as the supplement of choice to fully restore the cell mediated immunity so necessary for a healthy life."

Dr. D. Clark M.D.

"I have used BioProtein Plus in my practice for over 10 years and have witnessed excellent results in my patients.

Dr. Edmund Chein, Palm Springs Life Extension

"I travel extensively for business and always picked up every bug around.  Seven years ago I was introduced to BioProtein Plus and started taking one packet per day.  Since then I rarely get sick even with a cold.  I won’t go anywhere without it."

David, Phoenix AZ