Customer Reviews

"I prefer BioProtein Plus as the supplement of choice to fully restore the cell mediated immunity so necessary for a healthy life." -Dr. D. Clark M.D.

"Our family has seen success using BioProtein Plus to minimize or stave off various viral infections through the winter.  We were experiencing regular and frequent illnesses and we're much healthier since using BioProtein Plus.  It was even helpful getting me through a case of Mono!  While we are fairly new users of the product, we have seen enough benefit that we're coming back for more-- we're grateful for BioProtein Plus!" -Jennifer W., Provo UT  

"I have used BioProtein Plus in my practice for over 10 years and have witnessed excellent results in my patients.  It is a valuable supplement for balancing the immune system and essential for an Anti-Aging Regime." Dr. Edmund Chein, Palm Springs Life Extension  

"BioProtien Plus has been the premier supplement to us for immune system support and has been a best seller in our store for many years."  Damian Paul, The Source Natural Foods, Kailua, HI  

"By using BioProtein Plus regularly, my patients report less colds and flu.  I recommend it as a mainstay for the immune system."  Dr. Robert Kanter, Fullerton, CA  

"I used BioProtein Plus while I got chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and my white blood cell count never dropped below normal."  Ethel C., Orange, CA  

"At age 72 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  I began using BioProtein Plus and my PSA count has dropped below 2 and has stayed there for over 8 years."  Richard, KS  

"During the time I was getting Chemo for Breast Cancer I took BioProtein Plus, it was winter.  My husband and 3 children all got the flu and colds and I never did.  Also, my blood counts all stayed in the normal range and I was able to get my treatments without interruption."  Sarah, Anaheim CA  

"I travel extensively for business and always picked up every bug around.  Seven years ago I was introduced to BioProtein Plus and started taking one packet per day.  Since then I rarely get sick even with a cold.  I won’t go anywhere without it."  David, Phoenix AZ

"In '05 I was diagnosed with H1C and was scheduled to start chemotherapy when a nutritionist told me not to, and instead sent me BioProtein Plus. Since then my RNA hovers slightly over normal. I was at 38,000,000 and now I'm at 51,000-- normal is anything under 50,000.  I teach martial arts and used to feel tired everyday.  Now I lead a vigorous life!  I take 4 packets a day and feel 16 (I'm 56)." -Geoff K., San Antonio, FL